Fish Marketplace

MetaFish - Marketplace

📙 Describe

Marketplace is where fishermen may exchange their own fishing rods which $FISH is the currency in use.
Fishing rods for sale must be full of durability.

🔴 Sell A Fishing Rod

1️⃣ You may see the list of fishing rods you own in menu Collection
Your fishing rod collection
Fishing rods for sale must be full of durability.
E.g: You cannot sell Arweavezao because of the durability
2️⃣ Set a price for a fishing rod you would like to sell
E.g: Set a sell order for 1inchzao with a price of 100,000 $FISH
Order Placed Succesfully
After placing the sell order, you may see your fishing rod on fish marketplace
Your 1inchzao is already listed on Marketplace
3️⃣ If you no longer want to sell your fishing rod, you can cancel the order and your fishing rod will be returned to your collection.
Cancel Order Successfully

🟢 Buy A Fishing Rod

1️⃣ Go to Marketplace to find the fishing rods you want and click "Buy"
E.g: Buying a Ontologyzao with a prie of 20,000 $FISH
Purchased Successfully
2️⃣ After purchasing successfully, you may see your brand new fishing rod in your collection
E.g: Ontologyzao is now in your fishing rod collection