Eden and Alice, who would you choose to become?


👦 Eden

Eden is forced to relocate with his father from Tokyo's big city to a small village in the countryside against his will. Eden becomes intrigued by lure fishing after seeing a man catch bass with only a decoy fish and begins trying it himself, only to discover that his great grandfather was the best fishing champion of his time.

👧 Alice

Alice is a socially awkward young girl who is constantly on the move due to her grandmother's work. She has difficulty making friends and conversing. All of that changes when Eden, a transfer student, decides to make friends with Alice. Eden persuades her to join him on a fishing trip with a few other friends.

Character Attributes

⚡ Stamina

Eden/ Alice has their own individual stamina which is 4 times fishing maximum.

The cooldown for fishing turns is 3 hours and is not cumulative.

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